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Finally end the madness of constantly posting on social media, paying fake playlists or buying bot streams.

By learning how to build a real fanbase using music ads to increase your streams and followers on Spotify.

Burning yourself out promoting your music?

If you make high-quality music and have struggled for years to build your fanbase...

You feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked.

You want millions of fans...

Yet you still have under 10,000 monthly listeners.

In fact, you may have under 100 monthly listeners.

I'm here to tell you, your music is not the problem, it's your marketing.

Which is why I made this for you...

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Spotify Takeover Method

Made up of 13 easy-to-consume videos I let you in on the secrets I use to turn Music Ads into a Spotify promotion machine.

Here's a preview of what you'll experience in the course...

Day 1: The Perfect Set-Up

  • The secrets to setting up your Spotify profile for maximum engagement and followers!
  • How to unlock Spotify’s Algorithm to work in your favor
  • Why paying to get on Playlists actually hurts you

Day 2: Spotify Takeover Foundation

  • The simple way to set up music ads when you're not a tech person.
  • How to actually find your audience.
  • The trick to sending fans to your Spotify.

Day 3: The Secret to Music Ads

  • How to create simple ads that turn strangers into your fans
  • The powerful trick to writing your music ads

Day 4: Ready to Takeover

  •  Launching your Spotify Promotion Machine
  • Optimizing your results
  • ​The Key to Maximizing Your Growth

YES! I want access to the Spotify Takeover Method

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Hey I'm Andre

I'll be your guide helping you build and launch simple music ads that'll grow your fanbase.

The Spotify Takeover Method is for You If...

1. You’re a beginner who wants to build your fan base FAST

This program will give you extreme clarity on the art of social media music promotion and help you avoid years of going around in circles by showing you what online music promotion at the highest level is really all about. If you’re confused about all the music promotion tactics out there, this program is a great place to start.

2. You’re an intermediate artist who wants to get to the next level

If you’re looking to leapfrog over the competition, let them burn themselves out posting on social media all day and wasting money on music videos. You’ll not only be gaining fans effortlessly but you’ll also gain a whole new level of confidence and fast-track your way to making a living from music.

3. You’re an advanced artist whose looking for an edge

If you’re advanced at using Facebook and Instagram Ads, some of what I teach may not be totally new to you. But what is new is you’ll be able to quickly and effectively put to use for a huge return on your investment.


Does this work for any genre?

Yes! One of the most powerful things about this method is that no matter what genre your music is there is an audience for it and we’ll teach you how to find it, regardless of your location, age, genre, and language.

How long does this take to see results?

After you launch the Spotify Takeover Method, you can expect an increase in streams and fans within the first few hours.

Do I need new music on Spotify for this to work?

No this method, also works for your older releases on Spotify.

Does this require a lot of time?

No, once you’ve implemented the Spotify Takeover Method, you only need a few minutes a week to check in on results.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you don’t love our online training program, simply email us and we’ll give you a refund in full.

What Real Artists Are Saying...


So glad I found this course. I thought I was never going to figure this out. Thank you Andre!


If you're looking for serious results as an artist, Andre is your man. I went from 150 to about 35,000 streams per month, thanks to the Spotify Takeover Method.

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